About Me
As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of beads and the opportunity that they offer for expressing creativity. 
As a small child I spent countless hours playing with seed beads, or as they were known to me in my native Mexico, "chaquira".  
Expressing creativity has always been a part of my life. Areas of interest have included batik, ceramics, drawing, and pastels painting. 
During 2002 I discovered the accessibility to an incredible variety of beads, and started designing unique pieces of jewelry.

 In 2003 I learned about hand made glass beads, also know as flameworked or lampworked glass beads.  I took a class as soon as I could find one and my love affair with molten glass began. My passion for this art form continues to grow with every bead I make.

I have studied under master glass bead artists, and their influences can be seen in my work.
Deb Park - Beginning Lampwork - Jun 03
Doug Remschneider - Borosilicate glass - Nov 03
Kristen Frantzen Orr - Florals - Jun 04
Lauri Copeland - Borosilicate glass - Aug 04
Jim Smircich - Shapes and heat control - Nov 04
Stephanie Sersich - Disks and off mandrel - Jan 05
Michael Barley - Organic / Large forms - Mar 05
Jesse Kohl  - Borosilicate tube work - Aug 05
Tom and Sage Holland -Ancient decorating techniques- Apr 06
Jennifer Geldard - Shards, Enamels and Metals - Jul 06
Patti Cahill - Intricate design in glass - Sep 06

Kate Fowle - Enamels, Fuming and Metals - May 07

Doug Remschneider - Borosilicate glass - Jul 07

Nancy Tobey - Borosilicate glass Off mandrel - Aug 07
Brent Graber - Borosilicate glass Off mandrel - Mar 08
Michael Barley - Color blending and reactions of metals and glass - Nov 08
Barbara Becker-Simmon - Precious Metal Clay and glass - Jul 09
Andrea Guarino - Reactions of metals and glass - Oct 09
Melanie Mortel - String decoration - March 2011
Sara Sally LaGrand - Glass Corsage - May 2012
Kristina Logan - Glass and Metals - August 2012
Hayleigh Tsang - Silver glass - March 2013
Katherine Wadsworth - Glass Etching - April 2013


When making glass beads I work both with soda-lime and borosilicate glass.  Depending on the look that I am after I may also use metal foils, enamels, dichroic glass and/or glass frit; these materials will affect the final outcome of the beads. I then incorporate my hand made glass beads along with fresh water pearls, natural stones, sterling silver and/or brilliant cut crystal to make unique pieces of jewelry.

About My Work

My beads range in color and style from colorful and funky to more organic neutral tones with classic designs.  My jewelry pieces are mostly one of a kind, hand-fabricated using the highest quality materials and workmanship.  When a design is repeated, it will have subtle differences by the nature of the hand made glass beads.  My jewelry designs may include chain, wire and/or metal work.  My focus is to make beads that will be complemented by natural stones and/or pearls in a unique piece of jewelry.